Book for Maples

To be published next spring in 2003
Full Color 400pages Printed on A4 paper in English & Japanese


Foreword/Masato Yokoi
Preface/Masayoshi yano
Wild Maples of Japan/Masayoshi Yano
Scientific Names of Japanese Maples
Distribution of Japanese Maples
Wild Maples of Japan
My Observation on Maples
Maple Cultivars/Masayoshi Yano
How to Recognize Maple
Maples Cultivars1
Photos of Maples in Autumn
Maples Cultivars2
Bibliography & etc. Index
Books and Papers on Maples/Hisao Nakajima
My Monthly Gardeing Scheduls
Maples Cultivars3(
Other Maple Cultivars Cultvated in Japan)
Notable Sights for Viewing Maple Leaves in Japan
Japanese Name
Index of Maple Cultivars
Index Wild of Japan(Japanese name)
Index Wild of Japan(Scientific name)

The Japanese Maple of the World

This time, the Japan Maple Publishing Group, Mr. Kunihiro Takai, as a
representative, publishes 'Book for Maples' on Japanese maples,
particularly on A. palmatum. This book will be the first modern bi-lingual full color book in Japan. The editors and authors of this book, Mr.Masayoshi Yano and Mr. Hisao Nakajima are both keen maple collectors in Japan and they have been enthusiatically writing many articles on maples on their internet homepages. This book contains 700 full color large photographs by Mr. Yano, photographer, showing 37 Acer species, and 470 Palmatum cultivars, together with Japanese historical and modern references,
the present cultivar lists, autumn color sights in Japan, special culture methods, index, etc. totaling to 400 pages.
Japanese maple was botanically named by Thunberg in 1775, as Acer palmatum and it was introduced to the world by his book 'Flora Japonica' in 1784 and also later in 1835~1870 by von Siebold with his noted book 'Flora Japonica.' After about 200 years, in 1987, the late J. D. Vertrees wrote the first Western book, 'Japanese Maples', with about 170 color photographs showing many Palmatum cultivars. In 1994, Dutch maple
specialists, D.M. van Gelderen, P.C. de Jong and H.J. Oterdoom published a large volume, 'Maples of the World' with taxonomical descriptions of Acer palmatum, including 36 color photographs. More recently, in 1999,. a color encyclopedia, 'Maples for the Garden,' was published by C.J. van Gelderen and D.M. van Gelderen with 320 pictures of newer A. palmatum cultivars. In 2000, J. G. S. Harris wrote a compact book entitled 'The Gardener's Guide to Growing Maples' with 27 color pictures of A. palmatum and a short history of the Acer.'
In Acer Symposium held in Utrecht in1989 (published in the International Dendrology Society Yearbook 1990), Mr. D.M. van Gelderen giving a lecture on 'Acer palmatum in Cultivation,' reported the first year of A. palmatum arrival in Europe about 1860 imported by von Siebold and Mr. Barry R. Yinger who is a knowledgeable Japanese plant expert talked on Section Palmatum in his lecture titled 'Maples in Japan and Korea.' Although several publications on Acer palmatum have been published as above、and many cultivars are seen in the recent nursery homepages of Wildwood Farm, Mountain Maples, and others in USA, there are still many more striking selections in Japan to be described, such as A. 'Hana matoi' by Tsukasa Maples, one of the co-operators of this book. I presume that under these circumstances, a group of 7 maple enthusiasts including nurserymen and amateurs decided to write this book to include many invaluable references and cultivars available in Japan,. Then, I can imagine the present effortful book will be a boon to the professionals and hobbyists of Japanese maples around the world.
        Masato Yokoi,
                   Emeritus Professor of Chiba University, Japan

Wild Maples of Japan
Scientific names for wild Maples of Japan according to the latest data
Distribution Charts based on various data, field obsservances and friends'offers
Photos are taken of the wild maples which have been cultivated
Use this book in combination with a plant guide

Maple Cultivars
There are many cases in which the same tree is called differently
I have described as many cultivars as possible
Out of the cultivare that have been ever cultivated in Japan,
are are shown about 459 cultivars from the oldest to the latest ones

All names of cultivars that have been ever cultivated from
the Edo period up to now in Japan are shownln

Author: Masayoshi Yano
Bibliography: Hisao Nakajima
Translated into English by Masato Yokoi, Eiichiro Tani
Photographers & Editors: Masayoshi Yano
Editors assistant: Hiromi Nishida, Taketo Yokota,
Tomoko Okui, Hisao Nakajima, Yutaka Tanaka
Layout: Masayoshi Yano
Publication Group: Japan Maple Publishing Group
Representative: KunihiroTakai
Printing: OKAMURA Printing Industries co. ltd.

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Publisher: Japan Maple Publishing Group
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